Nr. Question Answer
1 How do I pay for the test online? You can pay by credit card online. Just click the Purchase button at http://uoppayment.berlitztesting.com/ and follow the instructions. After you pay for the test, you will be sent an email with instructions, a link, and a license key to take the test.
2 How do I pay for the test if I cannot pay online? Please contact us at uop@berlitz.us to arrange payment by credit card over the phone.
3 I think my credit card was charged twice for the purchase of one test. What should I do? Please contact us at uop@berlitz.us and we will look into this issue. If you were accidentally charged twice for the purchase of one test, or if you accidentally paid twice for the purchase of one test, your credit card will be credited with the cost of one test immediately.
4 I have another question about payment. Please contact uop@berlitz.us.
5 What technical requirements must my computer have for the test? Before you register for the test, it is essential to make sure that your computer meets the technical requirements. See Test Overview on http://uoppayment.berlitztesting.com If it does not, it is possible that the test will not perform properly (interruptions, freezes, etc.). These disruptions can have a negative impact on the score and invalidate your test.
6 Before I register for the test, I need to deactivate pop-up blockers. How do I do this? Go to Tools on your Internet Explorer browser. Click on Pop Up Blocker in the drop-down list and change your settings accordingly to allow your computer to accept the link to the test. You might also have an icon on the tool bar that also allows you to change your Pop Up Blocker settings.
7 Who do I call for Technical Assistance? Contact your University of Phoenix Enrollment Counselor
8 What equipment do I need to take the test? In addition to an online computer that meets the technical requirements, you will need either speakers or headphones connected to your computer so that you can hear the test items in the listening comprehension section of the test.
9 How do I start the test registration process? If you have paid for the test online, you should receive an email with instructions, a license key, and a link to the Test Registration Page. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours of payment confirmation, please contact your University of Phoenix Enrollment Counselor.
10 When I register for the test, I need to choose a support language. What if my native language is not included in the options? The support language provides you with some instructions about the test in that language. If your native language is not included, don’t worry! The test functionality and instructions are easy to follow and intuitive. The test provides you with examples of each test item type, too.
11 I need to enter my license key in order to start the test. What is this? A license key is a unique code that consists of a combination of letters and numbers. It is included in the email that you receive after you pay for your test online. Your license key allows you to take the test and is valid for only one test.
12 Can my license key expire? No, there is no expiration date with a license key.
13 What is the purpose of creating username and password? You can pause the test while you take it. In order to re-start an interrupted test, you must log in with your username and password.

Please write down your logins, so that you do not forget them.

14 What if I am trying to Restart Interrupted Test but I have forgotten my password? You can retrieve your logins by entering your username or e-mail (the one you input into the registration page). They will be sent to your registered e-mail.
15 If I receive an error message: “Invalid License Key”, what do I do? Re-enter your license key to ensure you did not mistype it. Do not confuse number 0 (zero) with alphabetical letter "O".
16 I tried to register and input my license key but I received a message "license key is already in use.” What do I do? The message means that your license key has already been accepted by the system. Therefore, you DO NOT need to register again.

Simply go to: http://proficiency.uop.testing.berlitz.com. Enter your username and password, and click "Continue" button in the "Re-start an Interrupted Test" section of the page.

17 I started to take the test but it froze, performed strangely, or stopped functioning. What do I do? First, please check your computer system. Does it meet the technical requirements? (see Question 5). If it does not, you will need to take the test on a computer that meets these requirements.

If the test continues to freeze, perform strangely, or stop functioning, please contact your University of Phoenix Enrollment Counselor.

18 Are there instructions for the test? Yes. When you start the test, you are given an overview of instructions. In addition, you are given an example of each type of test item (e.g., listening comprehension, reading comprehension, find-the-mistake) before you are given items to answer.
19 Is the test timed? Yes. In the upper right hand corner you see a timer. It shows you how much time you have for each test item. When time runs out the test automatically skips to the next test item.
20 How do I view my results? Immediately after you complete the last test item your results will appear on the screen. The results consist of three raw scores, a total numeric raw score, and a score based on the Common European Framework (CEF) Proficiency Scale. Only your University of Phoenix Enrollment Counselor can inform you whether your score meets or exceeds the minimum requirement for University of Phoenix admissions standards.
21 Are the results sent by email? Yes. The results are sent immediately to the email address that you input into the registration page of the test. University of Phoenix will be one of the recipients (the second email address).
22 I took the test but I did not receive the results by email. What should I do? Please contact your University of Phoenix Enrollment Counselor. If you provide your Counselor with your name as you entered it into the registration page, your Counselor will be able to retrieve the results and forward them to you.
23 How will I know whether my score is acceptable by the University of Phoenix Admissions Department? Your University of Phoenix Enrollment Counselor will inform you whether your test results meet the minimum language requirement.
24 I have taken a different English proficiency test. Could I use its score instead of Berlitz Test of Listening and Reading Skills? Speak to your University of Phoenix Enrollment Counselor about other tests accepted by the university.
25 Could I receive a certificate of the test results? Your results can be sent to you automatically by email but these are not included in a certificate format. University of Phoenix does not require that you receive results in a certificate form and a certificate is not provided.
26 May I re-take the test? Yes, you may take this test up to three times in one year, but you need to pay for each exam.